Danish Swedish farmdog

"A house is not a home without a DSF"


"Friendly, outgoing, active but without being hyper. Don't forget to add intelligent, alert, affecionate, playfull and gentle"

Being such a rare breed the DSF is commonly mistaken for a Jack Russel Terrier of Fox Terrier. One couldn't be further from the truth. They may look similar due to their common colorset, but a DSF is typically somewhat bigger and has a slightly different head. Much more sturdy build than a JRT, the biggest difference can be seen in character: the DSF is much more easy going and not as high strung like a feisty terrier. 


The DSF is an all-around farm dog that was commonly found in Sweden and Denmark for hundreds of years. This small dog was utilized as a vermin controller, watchdog, for herding and as a children's companion. The breed is likely the result of pinscher-fox terrier crosses, but it is considered more closely related to the pinscher breeds. The sturdy little dogs were plentiful until the farms became commercialized and families moved to the cities during the industrialization of the nations. The simple working dog wasn't fancy enough to be considered a breed until they nearly became extinct. Finally, the breed clubs in Sweden and Denmark found enough hardy specimens to revive the beloved companion. Recognized in Sweden and Denmark in 1987, they are now officially FCI registered since april 2019. 


The DSF requires a good amount of daily exercise and leadership. Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are very loving, sweet, gentle dogs full of personality. They are excellent with children and get along with other family pets including cats they are raised with. Due to their ratting and hunting instinct, they should not be trusted with other small pets/animals like birds or hamsters. They can be prone to digging so if you prefer your garden to be smoothly groomed, this is not the breed for you. They are athletic, quick to learn and thrive when assigned a job. This could include agility, herding, flyball, obedience training and therapy work. They are not yappy, but will act as a watchdog and alert you to strangers. 

  • Best suited for: Active families with children, those wanting to participate in dog sports and obedience training, suburban or farm life. Can adjust to apartment living when given adequate daily exercise.
  • Preferred living conditions: They love having a yard to explore and active playmates, human or canine. Allthough they can stay home alone when properly trained, they much rather go everywhere with their owner never leaving their side.

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